Personalize & Upgrade your HEAVYS Headphones with the Official Subterranean Masquerade Shells™

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Subterranean Masquerade Shells

Subterranean Masquerade Shells

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Shells are interchangeable and designs are available in Limited quantities. Mix & Match Shells to style & personalize your Heavys Headphones.

'Shells Only' Includes:

2 Subterranean Masquerade Limited Edition Shells for Heavys H1H Headphones

*Shells snap on the external side of the ear cup

'Shells + Headphones Bundle' Includes:

+ Heavys H1H Headphones

+ 2 Subterranean Masquerade Limited Edition Shells

+ 2 Heavys Original Shells

+ AUX Cable

+ USB-C Charging Cable

+ FREE Premium Hard-Shell Travel Case

Headphones Product Details

+ World’s first headphones built for Metalheads

+ 8 Drivers with patented placement creating optimal sound fields & frequency range coverage

+ Immerse in a Concert-like sound & feeling

+ 5 microphones
+ 50 hours of battery life
+ Bluetooth 5.1 plus a wired option
+ HellBlocker™ active noise cancellation
+ Transparent mode for speaking
+ Designed for comfort

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+ 30 Day 'no questions asked' return policy

+ Free Global Shipping on $199+ Orders

Get a Second Shell design for 25% off

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Trusted By 30,000+ Metal Fans

Experience Metal Like Never Before

Multiple-Driver Tech

Experience immersive audio with the precision of 8 drivers, covering multiple frequency ranges for superior listening of exceptional clarity, richness, and depth

Natural Sound Field

Heavys patented technology built by legend Axel Grell, is powered by 8 speakers with unique placement, generating the most optimal sound experience possible


World Class Features

Equipped with active noise cancellation, transparent mode, super soft earcups, wired/wireless options, prolonged play time, 5 built-in microphones, USB-C

Experience the captivating new star of the progressive metal scene and discover the unique sound of Balkan, Middle Eastern & Hasidic music & cultures colliding with the energy of Rock & Roll.

“ These headphones are incredible and have changed the way I listen to music ”  - Josh M.

How HEAVYS Shells™ work?

Collect Shells to style & personalize your Heavys Headphones

Our innovative snap-on shells are the world's first replaceable headphone earcups, allowing you to easily mix and match designs in three simple steps:

Detach -> Attach New -> Headbang 🤘

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Heavys Shells™ Collection

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  • These New Wireless Headphones Are Designed with Heavy Metal Fans In Mind " - FORBES

  • “ Fantastic sound, built with care for the users comfort. There's nothing better than being able to truly listen to how the songs were intended to be heard. Heavy's made it possible and it actually changes the songs I listen to  - Christian Rodrigue

  • “Epic as written about! After hours of use it is still very comfortable - feels like they are not there. You can hear all notes of songs high and super deep” 

    - Turner McLeod

  • “ Best pair of headphones I’ve ever owned  - Mayon A

  • “ Heavy AF! The Heavy’s experience is unlike any I’ve had, since I started living in my headphones at a young age. You can hear each and every aspect, as it is intended, and not distorted. 666/10, would recommend 🤘  - Levi Yocke

  • “ No matter what genre of music you listen to, whether it be metal, pop, or rap the music comes out clearly and you feel the bass. Customer service was also great  - David Sandat