Headphones Engineered for Heavy Metal

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Heavys headphones

Augmented listening experience designed & engineered by Axel Grell


Double bass & extra tweeter driver system inspired by studio monitor technology


Increased perceived loudness without hearing loss through enhancement algorithms


Ground shaking bass reproduction without distortion through psychoacoustic effects


Integrated sound dosimeter enables loud and heavy sonic reproduction

Lossless + detail-rich= Shredtech™

We made sure Heavys Headphones are lossless, so you hear the most accurate representation of the recording process that exists.

But we also made sure that they’re more than that.

Heavys Shredtech™ protects the integrity of the unique and complex sounds of heavy metal music with low distortion and 2 frequency ranges to ensure a superior heavy metal headphone experience where you can hear every single detail.

Zero Compromise.

Heavy metal components are complex and rich. When sound is distorted, hearing all those details is nearly impossible.

HEAVYS Headphones boast low distortion, 2 frequency ranges and 4 drivers for more linear and more transparent sound. So you can hear all the details in every song.

Heavys headphones

Louder than Everything

HEAVYS’ loudness enhancement technology is based on a psychoacoustic model.

It makes music sound louder without higher sound pressure level, and without sacrificing clean, natural sound.

Our built-in SPL dosimeter technology will protect your ears from listening fatigue or hearing loss.

Hear your music better, louder and safer.

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