Engineered for heavy metal.

Designed for life.

Heavys Headphones

Heavys is transforming headphones from a piece of hardware to a wholly immersive audio experience that brings back the energy and emotion of heavy metal to listeners around the world.

Augmented listening experience designed & engineered by Axel Grell


Double bass & extra tweeter driver system inspired by studio monitor technology


Increased perceived loudness without hearing loss through enhancement algorithms


Ground shaking bass reproduction without distortion through psychoacoustic effects


Integrated sound dosimeter enables loud and heavy sonic reproduction

Zero compromise

We have developed the first headphone that will deliver on its promise to make every mix sound deeper, wider and richer. A complete reinvention of headphones from the ground-up.

Heavys Headphones

Music is more than just sound

Music is a way of life and for some even more. We understand that. At Heavys we are serving music communities with a strong collective sense of identity.

Heavys Headphones

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