HEAVYS H1H Multi-Driver Headphones Product Overview

World’s first headphones built for Metal Fans to mimic live music
Dedicated heavy metal headphones capture the intricate blend of aggressive riffs, thunderous drums, and powerful vocals metal is known for. A headphone tailored for heavy metal maximizes these elements, ensuring fans experience every nuance and emotion, delivering the raw energy and passion that is the hallmark of metal music.  Without the right headphones, listeners miss out on the full intensity and depth this genre offers. 

Heavys boasts a total of 8 drivers made in Denmark. Each side of the headphones is equipped with 2 primary drivers and 2 tweeters. Our patented driver placement emulates a sound field as authentic as live music. Explore the advantages of this immersive surround sound experience:

Full-Spectrum Sound: By diversifying the drivers between woofers and tweeters, the headphones cater to both ends of the sound spectrum. Woofers are tailored to reproduce the rich, deep bass and midrange tones, while tweeters excel in delivering crisp, clear high-frequency sounds.

Enhanced Soundstage:
Our patented placement of drivers ensures a well-defined sound field. It simulates the feeling of listening to a live performance, with sounds coming from different directions, offering a more immersive and three-dimensional listening experience.

Reduced Distortion: 
With specific drivers handling designated frequency ranges, there's less overlap of frequencies. This means each driver can focus on its specialty without being overwhelmed, resulting in clearer sound reproduction and reduced distortion. You hear every element of the music and so many of our reviews mention that our customers never heard their music the way they hear it through Heavys. 

Increased Detail and Clarity:
With multiple drivers working in tandem, nuances in music that might be overlooked in simpler setups become more evident. This allows for a more detailed and nuanced listening experience, letting audiophiles and casual listeners alike appreciate the intricacies of their favorite tracks. Join us and experience your music the way it should be heard.

Eco-friendly case designed for heavy metal enthusiasts seeking both style and protection.
if you rock hard and care about the environment, we've forged the ultimate armor for your headphones. Using a meticulous vacuum-forming technique, this case embraces the fierce silhouette of the headphones when folded, promising a fortress-like protection. Crafted with a rebellious spirit, its eco-friendly vegan leather not only screams raw elegance but also stands testament to a sustainable rebellion against traditional norms. Hit the road, unleash your playlist, and know your headphones rest in a case as metal as your music.

Heavys Specification


Full size around-the-ear headphone



Drivers per side

4 (2 low / mid range speakers, 2 high frequency tweeter)

Frequency range

5 Hz to 46 kHz / 5 Hz to 24 kHz as Bluetooth headset
THD at 100 dB SPL, 1 kHz: >0.05%


410 g / 14.5 oz

BT Version



SBC, AAC, aptX adaptive

Battery lifetime

up to 50 h

Noise Cancelling

High efficiency PNC combined with a mild ANC for lowest levels of perceived disturbance (labeled HB: HellBlocker)


Wired Pure Passive, BT Passive, BT ANC, BT Transparent


According to IEC 62368-1

Voice Pick up

2 microphone end-fire array


Volume up / down, play / pause, next / previous song, take / decline / end a call


USB-C socket for charging and digital in




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