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Do you have a built-in microphone?

Yes, built in microphone is included.

What are the different Heavys operation modes?

Wired Pure Passive - Analog Aux / USB type C connection with no Noise cancelation.

Bluetooth Passive - Bluetooth connection without Noise cancelation.

Bluetooth ANC - Bluetooth connection with active noise cancelation.

Bluetooth Transparent - This mode lets you better hear your surroundings without removing your headphones.

How to update the Firmware?

*At this time, updates are available on Windows operating system only.

1.Download the firmware update (We will send you an email).

2.Connect headphones to your computer with the included USB cable.

3.Double-click the HEAVYS UPDATER icon to launch the program.


4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware.

5.Wait for a success message before disconnecting from your computer.

6.Enjoy your new upgraded Heavys headphones.

Will there be a Heavys mobile app?

Certainly, we are currently developing an app that will enable the management of specific headphone features and incorporate some exciting new advancements in the near future.

What’s in the box?

With your purchase, you will get a tech-packed brand new pair of Heavys black headphones. The headphones arrive with a triple-purpose USB-C cable that can be used for charging,  listening, and for Firmware updates.

If you want to listen in wired mode through an AUX connection, you can purchase AUX cables as addons. Heavys offers 2 lengths of 3.5 mm AUX cables: normal length 1.3 meters (~4.25 ft) or extra long 3 meters (~9.85 ft).

Does Heavys offer a Carry / Travel case

Yes, we do. It is available for purchase on our online store.

What is Firmware?

Firmware refers to the software that is integrated into your headphones. Just like any other software, firmware can be updated to improve functionality and add new features. We periodically release firmware updates for your Heavys to ensure that you continue to enjoy optimal performance and premium sound quality. Don't worry. Updating your firmware is a straightforward process that we've made as easy as possible.

Can I make phone calls with Heavys?

Yes, a built-in microphone for calls and voice commands is included.

What cables are included and what cables can we purchase as add-ons?

Cable included: USB-C to USB-C 1.4 meters (~4.59 ft for charging and wired mode listening & Firmware updated).

Addon cables you can purchase: SHORT AUX 3.5mm 1.3 meters (~4.25 ft) ; LONG AUX 3.5mm 3 meters (~9.85 ft).

How will Heavys sound when listening to other music genres?

Heavys headphones are designed to be great headphones at an affordable price for any music genre.

They pack strong spec and technological innovation that helps create a great all-around set of headphones. As we are geared for heavy music, the features complement that (such as loudness enhancement w/o hearing damage), but that does not mean you will not have an awesome listening experience in other musical environments.


How do I replace the shells?

Please review our Shells replacement page carefully at:

What shells designs are available?

Check out the available designs at:

Shipping & Taxes

Does shipping costs cover local taxes and fees?

For taxes, every country has its own taxes and procedures. You are responsible for paying any taxes or specific country duties, if applicable, in your country or state as with any other consumer electronic goods ordered online.


Can I combine orders so that they ship together?

At this time, we can not combine orders. If you wish to order extra headphones or an add-on, please create a new order.

I did not receive a tracking number for my order.

You'll receive an email with tracking info once we ship your order. 

When will my pre-order be shipped?

Orders before April 5th - We started shipping for orders that were made before April 5th. Orders are sent depending on your order location, order time, and order content. H1H backorders will be shipped out gradually over a period of 3 months [May-July]. You will receive another email with the tracking number as your order is shipped.

New orders - If you plan to buy it now, the current estimation is August 2023. Please note that this is an estimate, as you're pre-ordering the product, and production delays could arise. You will receive another email with the tracking number as your order is shipped.

Tech / Spec

Can I wear my glasses when using the Heavys Headphones?

Yes, you can wear your glasses with the headphones. However, to ensure good bass quality, the cushions should be positioned somewhat close to your ears, which may create some pressure. But don't worry, the pressure will be evenly distributed around your ears and the cushions are designed to be super soft for maximum comfort.

Are you going to implement LDAC support?

LDAC is not supported.

How much Heavys headphones weigh?

Weight: 255 g / 9 oz

How is the battery life?

Our battery lasts 50 hours without ANC (Noise-canceling, aka Hell Blocker), and 40hrs with ANC.
Like any electrical device, extreme cold may damage the battery, we do not recommend taking the headphones out to temperatures below -20℃.

What is the earcup size

The depth at the rear side will be 28 mm (1.1 Inches) which should be enough for most ears.

How is the battery life in extreme heat?

At 55℃ (131 F) a full battery charge will last 90% time compared to a controlled temperature.

How is the battery life in extreme cold?

At -10℃ (14 F) a full battery charge will last 60% time compared to a controlled temperature.

Does the USB cable include an analog or digital signal?

The USB-C socket is for charging and digital data exchange.  It is designed to be a digital input to the internal DAC. The analog input is a balanced 2.5mm 4-pole socket.

The built-in DAC will be driven by a Mac or PC,  an iPad with USB-C, or an Android Smartphone or Tablet using a USB cable. An iPhone or iPad without USB-C can be used with a dedicated adapter.

What Bluetooth version is used?


What is Heavys frequency range?

Frequency range: 5 Hz to 46 kHz.

What is the Max SPL on Heavys?

According to IEC 62368-1

What Codecs are supported?

SBC, AAC, aptX adaptive, LHDC.

Will they connect to a PC using the USB-C cable?


What is the THD?

THD at 100 dB SPL, 1 kHz: >0.05%*

Are Heavys wired or wireless?

You can use and listen to Heavys, both wired and wireless. Heavys supports 5.1 BLE Bluetooth but is also wired in through USB-C or AUX 3.5mm.

Will the ear pads be replaceable?

Yes, you will be able to order them from us and replace them by yourself. The head pad is planned to be replaceable, but you’ll need to ship the headphones to us. Keep in mind they are not available at this time.

Service / Warranty

What is included in my Warranty?

We offer a one-year limited warranty on all of our headphones, please review our full warranty page at:

What replacement parts are available ?

Earpads foam & Shells only.