First Firmware Update to iPhone Users Only


This page is not relevant for most of Heavys customers

This page is relevant only for people who received an email from us regarding the matter.
This page is for iPhone users who can't update software on an Android device.



1. Why we need need you to take action? 

Due to some initial version compatibility issues, we kindly ask iPhone users to use our MAC or Windows Upgrader tool for the first firmware update. Rest assured, this is a one-time requirement, and all subsequent updates will be smoothly handled through the mobile app, just like for Android users.


2. How to download the update?

*make sure you actually received email from out support

This will only become available in June 2024 

Download updater for Mac iOS

Download updater for Windows PC


3. Have some question? 

Please visit the dedicated FAQ of this page or reach us at


What is version 0.5.6?

Version 0.5.6 was the firmware version our earliest pre-order backers received. Most of you received a later version (version 0.5.9).  If your headphones have version 0.5.9 or later, you can ignore this instruction manual and move on with your life.

What is the 0.5.6 software updater?

The 0.5.6 software updater is a software program you can install either on your MAC or PC computer. It can update your headphones via a USB cable. Not all of you need to use the software updater. Actually, most of you will not.

How do I know if I have version 0.5.6 installed on my phones?

You will receive an email from us telling you so. If you have not received such an email, you have a later firmware version and can completely ignore this instruction guide. This software updater is only relevant for customers with iPhone and version 0.5.6 installed. If you are using an android phone, you can also ignore this and move on with your life.

Why do customers with version 0.5.6 need to download a software updater and not update through a mobile app?

Version 0.5.6 users need to download a special firmware updater for their first update. Following that initial update, all following updates can be done through a mobile app.. Once the 0.5.6 software updater is used to upgrade to the next version (0.5.9) , all other updates will be done through our mobile app.

What will happen if I do not install the firmware updater or update my firmware?

You will stay with your current firmware version. Continue to enjoy your H1H Heavys but will not keep up to date with additional enhancements and upgrades we provide through the firmware updates.

What will the software I download do?

This updater will do one thing - upgrade your firmware to the next version (0.5.9) and allow you then to use a mobile app for all future updates.