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Making Metal Heavier

  • Multi-Driver Tech
  • Experience immersive audio with the precision of 8 drivers, covering multiple frequency ranges for superior listening of exceptional clarity, richness, and depth

  • MasterMind Design
  • Feel the lifetime of dedication delivered to the Metal Community by Axel Grell, known as the “Godfather of German Sound”, with over 30 years in audio and 40+ patents

  • Natural Sound Field
  • Heavys patented technology is powered by 8 speakers with unique placement, generating the most optimal sound experience possible for all music genres

  • Top Notch Features
  • Hell Blocker™ active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.1, a wired option, 50 hours of play time, 5 microphones, transparency mode, ultra-soft ear-cups, custom designs

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Got Questions?

What’s in the Bundle box?

Our Heavys Headphones Bundle includes a tech-packed brand new pair of Heavys H1H black Headphones. The headphones arrive with a triple-purpose USB-C cable that can be used for charging,  listening, and for Firmware updates. Also included in the bundle, is a Premium Protective Travel Case (Eco-friendly material) and a 1.3 meters (~4.25 ft) Aux Audio Cable.


Our Heavys Shells Bundle includes everything in the regular bundle + your selected pair of custom designed shells.


For a full Product Overview And Specifications visit here

When will my order be shipped?

Heavys will ship within 2 business days of ordering

Standard and Express Shipping options are available

You will receive an email with tracking number once your order is on its way

Actual delivery times vary between countries and will be presented at checkout. Please note that while our couriers will deliver the package as fast as possible, the import and customs process within your country may delay the delivery date and is out of our control.

Do costs cover local taxes and fees?

We include tax, duties and VAT for most countries for most orders, and it will be specified during checkout. In some cases, when its not noted as included, specific country duties, if applicable, will need to be reconciled directly as with any consumer electronic goods ordered online since every country has its own taxes and procedures.

How is the battery life?

Our battery is one of the best you have seen - it lasts 50 hours without ANC (Active Noise-Canceling, aka Hell Blocker), and 40hrs with ANC.
Like any electrical device, extreme cold may damage the battery, we do not recommend taking the headphones out to temperatures below -20℃.

When is Heavys mobile app going live?

We are currently developing an app to pair with our headphones, which will include EQ, firmware updates and enable the management of specific headphone features. The app will launch towards the end of 2024. *Send an email to and tell us what is most important for you in an app.

What are Heavys Shells

Heavys Shells are an innovative way to personalize your Headphones with custom designs and artist collaborations. Shells utilize an interchangeable 'Mix & Match' method. You can collect as many shells as you want and swap them out through a simple snap-on system on the external side of each ear cup

How do I replace the shells?

The shell is attached by four grooves in the H1H headphones located on the outside of the cup. In order to detach the shell, place your thumb on one side for leverage and use your middle and index fingers on the other side to pull the shell off the cup.

In order to mount the new shell, place it in the same place as the old one and push until you hear a click.

Are Heavys wired or wireless?

Heavys can be listened to in both wired and wireless modes. We support 5.1 BLE Bluetooth and can be wired in through USB-C or an analog 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable as well.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Absolutely! We offer shipping to many countries worldwide. We ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico and LATAM. We also cover the European Union, the United Kingdom and UAE. So wherever you are, we've got you covered!

Can you make calls with Heavys?

Yup. We have 5 built-in microphones perfect for voice calls and enhanced noise cancelation. Please note, voice calls and mics are designed to be available via bluetooth only (not via audio cable as the mics are digital)

What about listening to other genres?

Heavys headphones are designed to be great headphones at an affordable price for any music genre.

They pack strong spec and technological innovation that helps create a great all-around set of headphones. As we are geared for heavy music, the features complement that, however Heavys delivers an awesome listening experience for any musical environments

Do you offer split payments?

Yes! You can use Shop Pay for payments in the US, or Klarna for payments in other countries. Paypal is available as well with payment options in some countries