Pre Order Policy

Heavys is now LIVE. go to the Store to buy your headphones now now. 


Heavys was a pre-order item until OCT 15th. If you pre-ordered, please view the additional information in the disclaimer below.


We will check the shipping address you have provided us just prior to shipping your Heavys. It is your responsibility to verify your current address to ensure they are properly delivered. You can update your shipping information at any time prior to us contacting you by sending an email to and referencing your order number.


You will be charged the pre-order price of the products at the time of placing the pre-order. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking once your order has shipped.  If Heavys is unable to ship your order on or before November 15th 2023 and your order has not been shipped yet, Heavys shall issue to you a refund upon your request and your order will be canceled.