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Derrick Green - Sepultura

Derrick is a musician and an artist, mostly known as the frontman for metal legends Sepultura. A man of many talents, he is also a photographer, writer, actor, narrator and podcaster.

“Finally, I'm able to hear heavy music properly!”

What's up, everybody? I'm Derek Green of Sepultura. I'm here in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Summer Breeze Festival. First time happening here \m/

For me, the advantage of having these headphones is that I can finally hear heavy music properly.

With heavys, this is a dream come true. To finally have something that's perfect for my needs. And I'm extremely happy about it, especially since I listen to music all the time.
And this is something that has changed my life radically!

Definitely love to wear these and use these before the show to get me pumped up listening to music that I love.

The quality is above and beyond, and this is something that's definitely needed with heavy music, something that I never had before. And I'm happy to be a part of heavies because I know this is going to revolutionize the way that you listen to music.

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